Translations Lisa Fuchs


Good translations are a key to success: Your clients expect you to offer them texts in their mother tounge, which will affect them more emotionally. A professional translation transfers all nuances and meanings of the source text and prompts the same feelings as the text in the original language.


I am a professionally trained translator with the working languages German, English, Russian and Polish. Due to a large network of colleagues, I can also accept orders for other language combinations.

Editing & Copywriting


You have already written a text, but are not sure about style, orthography and other major aspects? I am happy to help you by editing brochures, websites and other company texts you plan to publish. This ensures that your texts have the desired effects on your clients and customers.


Writing texts for brochures, websites, press releases etc. are a huge challenge for many people. If you don't want to take the risk of a  badly written text, I am glad to help you. The texts are adapted perfectly to the intended target group and are stylistically and orthographically flawless.


DTP, short for Desktop Publishing, is the computer-aided designing and layouting of documents, such as brochures, flyers and menues. Not only the textual content, but also the design have important influence on viewers and potential clients. I offer one-stop shop solutions for the designing, texting and translation of your documents. Your advantage: You don't have to contact several specialists, but get your finished producut from only one company - me.

About Me

Lisa Fuchs, Ba

Translator training at the Department for Translation Studies at the University of Graz.

- Bachelor's degree in "Transcultural Communication" in English and Russian

- Master's degree in "Translation" in English and Russian

- Additional language training in Polish

Various stays and internships in Russia, Dubai, Germany, etc..

Fields of Specialisation

- Terminology management

- Software translation

- Technical translation

- Marketing translation